BINZ GmbH & Co. KG
Maierhofstraße 15
73547 Lorch Deutschland

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Experience progress.

More than 80 years of experience in building special-purpose vehicles, the cumulative competence of highly qualified employees, the full confidence of the automotive industry and our customers: these factors produce a unique symbiosis that leads to achieving our common objectives.

As one of the leading manufacturers of special-purpose vehicles, it is our aspiration to always think one step ahead in terms of quality, dependability, effectiveness and efficiency.

The company provides solutions that proactively anticipate customer needs and market developments.
What motivates us is a passion for details as well as our vision of constant innovation. One expression of our pursuit of new technologies is the Binz E, our hearse based on Tesla’s Model S electric vehicle.
With the pride of offering our customers tailor-made vehicles that constantly define the highest standard in their market, our employees every year produce vehicles for clients all over the world.


Our customers everywhere have confidence in our know-how regarding


We develop for our customers