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A wide array of elegance.

For undertakers, a car is both a vehicle that takes them from point A to point B as well as a genuine work tool. In order to make their daily routine as comfortable as possible, we offer with our extensions and conversions tailor-made funeral vehicles, for which thinking together is a top priority already in the design phase. Elegant form goes hand in hand here with efficient function.




With the BINZ-E, the advance in electric vehicles is becoming accessible to undertakers as well.

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Based on the Mercedes E-Class, the two-door H2 combines a unique driving sensation with exclusive equipment and maximum suitability for everyday use.

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As a prestigious vehicle, the H4, based on the Mercedes-Benz E-Class with its four doors, also has room for the pallbearers.

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Plenty of room for ideas.

All angles covered. The patented conversion systems for our vans combine driving feel with economy, technology with equipment and variability with quality.


BINZ.K1 | Mercedes-Benz Vito and V-Class

Conversion systems for Mercedes-Benz Vito and V-Class.

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BINZ.K2 | Volkswagen T6

Conversion systems for Volkswagen T6.

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BINZ.K3 | Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

Conversion systems for Mercedes-Benz Sprinter.

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